Our Team

We have an amazing team of people and dozens of volunteers who have all contributed so much to help the animals in the Oostvaardersplassen. Most of them have been feeding the animals illegaly, day and night, with the police and Staatsbosbeheer on their tail. They have gotten fines, which they all paid themselves, or even gotten arrested. Yet, they continue to fight for the cause and make sure the animals don’t starve. We won’t give up. This team won’t give up.

The board
Eline Schievink
Sylvia van der Kolk

Our team
Andrea Diender
Anja Dijkstra
Anderijn Peeters
Deborah van de Berg
Karin van de Berg
Manon de Groot
Tamara Kolk
Simone Julia
Sjuan de Vreeze
Suus May
Zita van Staadten